The Rise of Coworking in Bangkok

Being able to work online has never been easier. Many established companies and startups are focused on making remote work easier for businesses and employees. People from all over the world are gravitating to remote work, because it allows for flexibility in many areas, and they can also travel while working.

As travelling to different countries gets cheaper and more desirable, many people are quitting their desk job for a laptop job. Why work in an office when you could be working online in your dream location? Even better, why not work in a modernized office with the latest tech equipment and WiFi alongside other freelance remote workers? Co-working spaces are also the perfect place to launch a startup without having too much overhead costs.

Working in designated co-working spaces around Bangkok has increased for numerous reasons we will explore. These reasons have inspired others to take the leap and we hope it will give you a chance to consider working in a co-working space in the near future.


Rise of Startups in Bangkok

Startups are becoming more popular within the tech and business industries and have risen in Bangkok immensely. Bangkok provides cheaper rent than most capital cities around the world and a cheaper cost of living. This allows entrepreneurs to spend more money launching their company and paying their employees.

Since Bangkok is the capital and biggest city in Thailand, many local startups that have started services in Thailand and Asia with headquarters here. Co-working spaces for these companies have increased due to the need to have both a meeting and working space.


Rise of Remote Work Amongst Locals and Tourists

Bangkok started to see more co-working spaces pop up after a torrential storm in 2011. During this time, parts of the city were flooded and people could not travel to their office. They would work from home during this time and sometimes meet up with colleagues at coffee shops. This pressured the need for co-working spaces along with the amount of foreign travellers arriving from abroad.

Remote work has attracted many people around the world because they can pick and choose where they want to work. Many remote workers also have flexibility in their schedule, so they are able to pick when they start working. Bangkok is one of the most visited cities in Thailand and many remote working travellers seek out co-working spaces to do their job. This also allows them to meet other remote contractors, creating a nice networking setting.


Fully Serviced Offices

Unlike many office spaces in office parks, co-working spaces are already furnished and fully equipped for you and your staff. Not only do they provide WiFi, latest and greatest computer equipment, but they usually have the coffee, tea, and water bar fully stocked (at least we do here at Antares). You’ll also never have to worry about hiring an IT person to fix your internet issues or a plumber. Serviced co-working offices have their maintenance team on hand to help and assist you with any needs.

Some of the most unique co-working spaces partner with coffee shops and local eateries to provide a cafe on-site or a great lunch spot. Many remote workers prefer working at a co-working space rather than at a desk and cubicle because the spaces are more open. Lots of co-working spaces have couches and comfortable chairs in order to make work more comfy and cozy. People find that they are more productive in co-working spaces since their ideas are able to flow more in a laid-back and open environment.


Co-Working Spaces in Bangkok

This year, there are now hundreds of co-working spaces open in Bangkok. Co-working spaces have become so popular, they’re almost considered a local attraction (maybe only in the remote freelancing community). Prices can vary and you’ll want to visit one that’s central and close to the local transportation. Antares Serviced Offices has a co-working space that is perfect for remote workers.

Not only does Antares co-working space provide free and unlimited WiFi, but you are also given unlimited refills of water. A daily pass is only THB 399, which is only $11 and you get two free cups of coffee. Check out the other amenities the Antares co-working space has to offer. If you’re looking for a great co-working space in Bangkok, be sure to visit Antares.


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