Recruitment Tips For Startups

Recruitment Tips For Startups


Now that you’ve launched your startup and your sales are starting to grow, you’re probably beginning to realize you need more people to make more money. You might even need more people to keep customers happy or even recruit more freelancers and sales people to spread the word about your product or service.

How can your newly founded startup attract super talented individuals? What can you do as an employer to spark interest for job seekers? In this guide, we’ve listed the 5 best tips you can implement in your recruiting strategy. Not only will you know what to look for in a candidate, but you’ll see why it’s important to invest in valuable people.

  1. Continue to Recruit

          Have you ever wondered why some startups have the option for job seekers to send them their resume even though there isn’t a specific job position available? It’s because they know that by keeping the door open, a talented candidate could walk through and answer all the startup’s needs. If there’s a brilliant developer who loves your brand or what your startup is doing, wouldn’t you love to hire them over a developer just looking for any job? You want to build a team of energized employees in order to continue to ramp up your business.

  1. Advertise on Niche and Broad Job Boards

If you’re not looking for a freelancer and you’re looking for solid employees to grow with your startup, you should pick the appropriate job boards. Only advertising on your website and Craigslist might not give you the best traffic or talent as you would get from specific job boards. Looking for a blog writer? Try advertising on Looking for a stellar remote employee for multiple positions? Post your position on We Work Remotely. There are so many job boards where you can attract the right candidates to the position you need filled.

  1. Hire Dynamic Employees

Since you’re a startup, you’re not just looking for a specific type of talent, you want someone to exceed job expectations. You ultimately want someone who wants to grow with the company and is willing to do what they can for you and the other team members. A dynamic employee is someone who is also able (and willing) to adapt. Startups are in a constant state of change. You want to hire someone who is not afraid to expand, to change with the wind, or even learn something new within a week. Don’t make the mistake of hiring a master of one, at this point, you’re looking for a jack of all trades.

  1. Create a Comfortable Company Culture

When someone imagines a startup, one of the benefits that comes to mind are the office perks that cultivate an enjoyable working environment. The dingy, gray cubicle office days are dying. People want to work in co-working spaces with large windows and modern designs. Founders of Startups have seen how open spaces attract more millennials and creative workers and create a positive working environment. If your startup is trying to create a fun and innovative culture, having a unique space will attract the right people to your team.

  1. Invite your Current Team Members to the Interview

In order for your startup to grow and flourish, you need to make sure they get along with the other employees. You’ll also want feedback from your team, seeing if they think the candidate is worth hiring or wasting the company’s time. By inviting your current team to the interview, it’ll also show how much you value their feedback. Even if you’re a recruiter in a startup, ask one of your team members to the meeting or conversation (specifically in the second interview round).

Hopefully this guide has given you some insight on what to look for in a potential candidate and how to improve your offerings as a startup. Initially starting a startup can be hard work, that’s why it’s important to hire the right people who are willing to grow with you. Read more of our articles on how you can increase happiness in your office and the buzz around successful startups in Bangkok. We wish you the best of luck in your recruitment efforts!


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