Increasing Happiness in Your Office

being happy in the office

Working 9am-5pm, or even 8am-7pm, inside a dark office building can be mentally exhausting. You might even feel as though your work is under-appreciated or there is a lack of team spirit within your company’s division. You might feel as though you don’t get enough interaction with people and you sit in front of your computer all day. Yet, what if you were able to brighten your workspace and feel confident in clocking into work each morning? We’re going to share our easy tips to increase happiness in your office everyday.

Create a Welcoming Workspace

Do you easily get frustrated when you can’t find what you’re looking for and your desk is in complete chaos? In order to have a clear mind, it is best to keep your desk and workspace well organized. Be sure to throw away unwanted items and lingering paper trails that are unnecessary to keep or haven’t been filed away yet. Don’t forget to wipe away the dust and dirt that builds up over time.

Surround yourself with plants

Staying inside all day in a windowless cubicle can make you feel cooped up and a little depressed. In a recent study, it was noted that having a few houseplants around your desk increases productivity by 15%. The more productive you are, the more money and success you will achieve. So liven up your workspace with a few easy-to-care-for houseplants.

Always greet your colleagues and thank them for their work

Having a fresh start to your morning is a great way to start any day. Why not say hello to your co-workers and brighten their morning mood? It has been advised to greet your co-workers in the morning and maintain a positive relationship with them to build a community vibe.

You also might not realize it, but your colleagues might feel the same way about the lack of recognition they receive for their work. Be sure to boost their own happiness by complimenting them for the work they do. They will then feel inclined to learn more about your work and give you the same amount of praise.

Give Praise About Your Colleagues to Your Boss

Not only should you tell your colleague how much of a good job they’re doing, but you should also tell your boss. By reflecting on the work you and your colleague accomplish together and informing your boss, you will feel a sense of comradery. It will also give your boss an insight into how valuable your colleague is to the company and how admirable you are as a co-worker.

Take Your Breaks

Sometimes it’s easier to stay focused and continue to work until the sun starts to go down. However, this is not the best way to stay productive at work since it does not allow your mind to refresh. So don’t feel bad about getting up to get another refill of coffee, taking a walk around the office, or going out to eat for lunch. All of these actions will help you collect your thoughts so when you start to work again, you’ll be able to get your work done faster.

Avoid Office Gossip

It’s very easy to get sucked into your colleague’s drama or the negative feelings they have toward the company. Once you do, you might start to vent about your own resentments and negative thoughts you have about your own work. In order to increase your happiness at work, you must not let these comments or pessimistic attitudes bring you down. Instead, look at the uplifting effects of your work and how things could be much worse.

Find Meaning in Your Work

When you look at all the elevating effects of your work and how you contribute to the whole of the company, you’ll start to feel a sense of purpose. This feeling will not only motivate you to continue doing an excellent job, but it will also make you recognise how valuable you are to your company and colleagues. By looking at how your job creates a positive influence, you will instantly feel gratification and might walk into work with a smile on your face.

Importance of Happiness in an Office Space

It is very important to have a positive workplace environment to increase productivity in your employees and achieve your company goals. If you are looking to move to a better office space, you should take a look at our sleek and modern serviced offices here at Antares. Our offices are located in the lively Sukhumvit district where many other companies are located, providing great networking opportunities.

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