Best Co Working Space in Bangkok?

Co-working spaces are becoming more and more popular in Bangkok. Why is that? Many businesses have transitioned to hiring remote employees or basing their business completely online. This has not only proven to lower costs, but it has also dramatically increased productivity.

Remote workers are given the flexibility to work wherever they want. Therefore, co-working spaces provide a great atmosphere for people who are also looking to network while they work.

Antares is a serviced office space that is not only home to many new startups, but also a comfortable co-working space. We will learn more about Antares and why their co-working space is the best kept secret in Bangkok.


Working Environment and Decor

Everyone has different work habits and has a preference on how they accomplish their day-to-day work. While some people need to sit in a desk for total concentration, others prefer to work on a comfy surface, like a couch or swirly chair.

The co-working spaces at Antares provides a variety of both couches and desk spaces. Unlike a trendy cafe, you won’t have to arrive to the co-working space early to grab your seat on the plush sofa. You’ll also have access to plugs no matter where you’re sitting so you won’t have to move once your computer starts to die. Antares also offers 2 cups of coffee or tea when you buy a day pass, so you’ll almost feel like you’re working in a coffee shop.


Quiet, Calm, and Relaxing Space

Have you ever worked remotely in a cafe and found it to be super distracting? Whether it’s the conversation that’s going on at the table next to yours or the loud sounds of the espresso machine, working in a busy environment can decrease productivity. For many people, it’s hard to focus on what you’re working on if there’s too much noise or chaos.

If you also need to less distracting place than a cafe or busy area, the Antares co-working space is the perfect place. Other co-working spaces around Bangkok can feel overcrowded, luckily at the Antares co-working space, the co-working room is large and spacious. It makes it easier to think and the large area makes it not feel as crowded or cramped. Your mind will be at ease as you continue to design graphics for a client or whatever your remote work consists of.


Networking with Local and Global Startups

Most co-working spaces in Bangkok are solely places for remote and freelance workers to do their work. The co-working space at Antares offers also offers local and global startups to have their headquarters in their serviced offices. This makes the co-working space at Antares unique because it gives remote freelancers the chance to network with startups during lunch breaks or after work.

While the startups offices and co-working space are separate from each other, there are still great opportunities to network with the employees. Not only does Antares have serviced offices, but they also have virtual offices. This makes it the perfect set-up for a startup with many remote employees. So if you’re a remote freelancer looking to find a position with a startup, you will have more chances working at the co-working space at Antares than any other office in Bangkok.


Virtual Meeting Rooms and Conference Spaces

Even though remote work is growing, the need for conference calls and stand-up meetings are becoming greater. Not only that, but the need to talk and give a sales pitch to a customer across the world requires a virtual meeting. Luckily, if you are a remote sales representative and you need to hop on a video call with a potential client, the Antares office provides meeting rooms.

The meeting rooms are equipped with the latest technologies so you won’t have to worry about a dropped call or not having the right plugs for your gear. As mentioned above, the Antares offices also have virtual office services, so linking up with your remote team won’t be a hassle. And on top of that, you’ll be able to hear everyone since you’ll be ensured a quiet space.


Come work at Antares

If you’re looking to try out a new co-working space, check out Antares and discover for yourself why it’s the best co-working space in Bangkok. You won’t regret it!



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