Where in Bangkok is the Best Location for Business Success?

If you’ve just launched a start up in Bangkok, or you’re thinking about moving your company to the golden capital city, you’re probably looking for the best neighborhood. You’ll want to pick a location that isn’t just affordable, but also an area where you and your employees will feel motivated and inspired. It also helps to be in a location where there are many other like-minded businesses so it’s easier for you to network with local companies during your lunch break. Whatever the case might be, you’ll want to find the area that’s the perfect spot.

Through countless amounts of research, we’ve discovered that the Phrom Phong district in central Bangkok is one of the best locations for business success. In this post, we’ll uncover why it is best to relocate or establish your growing business in this influential area.


Location, Location, Location

If you’re in the real estate industry, then I’m sure you’ve heard this saying before. One of the best selling points for any building or district is the location. Phrom Phong is in the perfect location because it’s situated in the city central area.

There are two subway stations in the district making it convenient for you and your employees to commute. Phrom Phong is home to many businesses and shopping areas so your clients who come to visit you won’t be bored after attending meetings all day. There is a public outdoor park called Benjasari Park where you can take a break from officelandia. Your employees won’t be complaining about your office’s location if you choose to move here.


Home to Many International and Local Companies

The Phrom Phong district is a very popular office park amongst international and local companies. Some of the bigger and well-known companies who have office headquarters here are Vinarco International, Siam International Legal, SKOV Asia, BKKCondos, and much more. If your business is helping to service these big brands, having your company’s headquarters in Phrom Phong wouldn’t be a bad idea since you’d be close to their offices and scheduling meetings would be super easy.


Lots of Delicious Lunch Spots

No one really wants to work in an area where there aren’t many great cafes or eateries. It’s nice to be able to treat yourself, or even your whole staff, to a lunch outside of the office. Luckily, in Phrom Phong, there are over a hundred different options to choose from when it comes to food. You can choose to have lunch in a trendy cafe with your 5th cup of coffee, or eat inside at the food court of a shopping mall. There are also many street food vendors selling cheap and delicious lunchtime treats. If there’s one thing that’s for sure, you and your staff will not go hungry in Phrom Phong!


Bangkok’s Best Shopping Malls Reside in Phrom Phong

Having some of the biggest and best malls in Bangkok located near your office can have a few perks, even though you won’t be spending all day at them. It’s more convenient if you’re looking to meet up with your wife or husband once you clock off or you need to pick something up at the grocery store for dinner. All of your daily errands and chores can easily be done before or after your 8-hour work day.

Imagine your office in a far out neighbourhood with no necessities or facilities around. Do you think your staff would be more productive or more stressed about the tasks they have to do after work? Decreasing stress levels from you and your employees will ensure a healthy work environment.


We hope you relocate to Phrom Phong!

Here at Antares, we were careful when we chose where to have our fully serviced offices located. We wanted to provide the best location and access to the most convenient facilities for our clients. We also wanted our offices to go above and beyond most office complexes. Fortunately, the companies who choose to host their headquarters in our modern styled offices or rent meeting rooms are impressed by our work spaces and love the location. If you’re interested in learning more about our work spaces and the services we provide companies, you can learn more about our offices here.

Happy moving and we hope you enjoy working and living in Bangkok!

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